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Malpighia glabra

Acerola or Barbados Cherry

Acerola's bright red, thin-skinned, cherry-like fruits are an exceptionally rich source of vitamin C, containing between 20 and 50 times as much as the orange! Taste varies from acid to sweet depending upon variety. The highest vitamin count is present in the sour, unripe fruits. Fruits become sweet as they ripen and are eaten raw, used in drinks, or made into tasty jams. The Acerola, Malpighia glabra, is also commonly referred to as the Barbados Cherry and comes from the West Indies and Central America. It is a large, densely branched shrub or bush which grows to a height of 3 to 4 metres. A very decorative specimen with its dense cover of glossy, dark green leaves, the Acerola is appreciated almost as much for its ornamental value as it is for its fruit. Plant in warmer months grows successfully throughout most tropical and subtropical areas.

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