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Ficus carica

Black Genoa Fig

Specially selected in South East Queensland for it's early bearing and compact growth habits these trees are suited for both inland or wet coastal regions. Figs will commence bearing in their first year with crops increasing to bear masses of tasty fruit each year throughout the warmer months from January through til May. Figs should be pruned back to a height of 0.6m - 1m in mid July each year. This encourages 2.5m - 3.5m of growth the following season, figs are produced on new growth, so the more new growth the more figs produced, trees should be watered well whilst fruit is first developing. Figs are self pollinating, like a sunny position in the garden and as a deciduous tree they have a good frost tolerance . Fruit is delicious eaten when fully ripe straight from the tree or make excellent jams and preserves.

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