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Diospyrus digyna

Black Sapote

Black Sapote is a evergreen tree bearing sweetly flavoured rounded fruit with thin, olive-green skin and brown-black pulp. Native of Mexico, this tree is ideal for tropical and subtropical gardens. Grafted varieties grow to a height of 4-5 metres tall. Some describe pulp flavour as similar to chocolate while others as simply sweet. Flavour is enhanced with a little vanilla or rum. Suits most soil types, prefers moist, well drained soil in a warm, sheltered position. Wind tolerant and frost sensitive. For best results harvest when fruit is hard and leave to ripen. Test fruit firmness daily as the skin remains green as the pulp softens. Carefully scoop pulp from the skin which breaks easily once ripe. Discard seeds. Planting ideas and uses: great for tropical and subtropical gardens, eat fruit fresh or freeze for later use, ideal ingredient for cakes, custard, ice-cream and sweet breads and good for making jam

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