Go Green Garden Consulting

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About Us

GO GREEN GARDEN CONSULTING is an Australian owned small business that was established in 1999.  For many years i ran and owned the highly acclaimed GO GREEN RAINFOREST NURSERY specialising in rare Australian native plants.

In this time GO GREEN has been supplying plants, information and services to commercial projects, government and private residential gardens.

GO GREEN GARDEN CONSULTING specialises in garden design, advice and plant acquisition for:

  • Rainforest trees and shrubs (many rare and endangered species)
  • Traditional natives (Eucalypt, Melaleuca, Banksia, Grevillea etc)
  • Palms and Pandanus
  • Ferns
  • Grasses, sedges and rushes
  • Vines and ground covers
  • Aquatic plants, Water lilies and Lotus
  • Bush tucker
  • Exotic fruit trees
  • Tropical exotics
  • Succulents

Here at GO GREEN i promote the use of native plants for their hardiness and beauty but also as a source of food and habitat for native fauna. Plant species with a known association with native wildlife have this information displayed on this website.